Tools to Assist with Links

A “WHOIS” query simply gives you some basic information about a domain, and is particularly useful for finding out the domain age. To check WHOIS, visit the above site and type in the domain name. The “created date” will tell you when the domain was purchased and the “expired date” will tell you how much longer the domain is registered.

TIP FOR YOU: Since Google itself is now a domain registrar, they and other search engines may factor in not only the age of your domain, but how long it has been registered. If you register your domain for 10 years instead of just 1 year, search engines have another reason to trust your site, as they can assume the site is going to be around for a long period of time.

PageRank is simply a score of how “strong” a page is according to Google. Every page on the Internet has a PageRank, although newer and less popular pages will show a PageRank of zero for a period of time. PageRank is only slightly helpful because it gives us only a general idea of the strength of any particular page. One caution: don’t get caught up in the PageRank calculation. It’s not everything, and any publicly visible value of PageRank is quite outdated compared to the actual PageRank value Google uses as a ranking factor.

Competitors’ Backlinks
In the past Yahoo offered a very powerful backlinks tool, but they have since done away with many of the helpful SEO tools they offered free to the public. We like to use the Google “link” operator, “link:,” to view links to a particular site. Unfortunately this query returns all kinds of links to the entered URL, and quite a bit of work has to be done to filter through and determine the quality of the links and if the links will be beneficial to your site. offers a freemium links tool called Open Site Explorer at Starting with a URL, like your competitor’s, SEOmoz will return the strongest links to that site. It is a great tool for finding possible link partners and determining the strongest relevant links.
For this example we chose the URL The results provide information on the links to this site and display pages with the highest page and domain authority at the top. The higher the page and domain authority, the stronger the link would be from that page.
provide information on the links to this site and display pages with the highest page and domain authority at the top

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